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Aana is a bridge between the oriental Indian and the occidental world. She is performing, composing and teaching in the fields of Dhrupad Music, includes Mantras and other wisdom words and creates future music in various formations and projects.
Her strengths are improvisation, flowing voice as well as awareness and listening. Through her singing she connects the inner and the outer world and takes the audience to an exquisite mental-emotional journey. She is an out of the box thinker with a strong conceptional thinking but at the same time beeing very intuitiv-emotional. Besides Aana has deep knowledge and experience with Buddhist meditation, Mantra Chanting and wisdom source texts. Having lived in India and having been married to an Indian Brahmin Aana also has a deep understanding of Hindu culture. Last but not least Aana has access to the vast ocean of the most beautiful Indian classical music systems.
A further core competence of Aana is the connection of western music and classical Indian Ragamusic. She not only understands deeply both worlds but is able to explain to the audiance what it is about. Aana has an excellent analytical mind and yet a strong intuitivity, which makes her very creative and highly specialized in improvisation generally. So Aana sings not only Indian Classical but combines the Dhrupadmusic with other genres like western Gregorian Chant, Neo-Soul or Electronic Beats. On base of Dhrupad music


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