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Yoga teacher, physiotherapist

I love to move, especially in nature. Movement brings me into flow, movement in connection with the flow of breath allows me to arrive in the here and now…lets me immerse myself in the silence behind the thoughts…into pure being.

Since my first yoga class, the “magic” of yoga has never left me.

Yoga always helps me to arrive in the present moment, to accept what is, to recognize challenges as learning tasks and to trust the flow of life. Yoga with its many aspects and techniques always brings me into balance, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

With my lessons I would like to give you the opportunity to explore your entire being. And gradually shedding layer by layer of what doesn’t belong to you, what isn’t you.

As a physiotherapist and spiral dynamics specialist, I pay particular attention to correct anatomical alignment. My classes are carefully structured with balanced sequences, creative and flowing, sometimes powerful, sometimes gentle, always combined with conscious breathing and great mindfulness.



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