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Balachandran Kumaraguru

Product Description

Balachandran Kumaraguru is a talented musician from India who specializes in playing the Miruthangam, a traditional percussion instrument from the state of Tamil Nadu. The Miruthangam is a barrel-shaped drum that is played with the hands and feet, and is commonly used in classical Carnatic music and temple ceremonies.

Balachandran Kumaraguru has received extensive training in the art of Miruthangam playing from renowned gurus in the field. He has also performed in numerous concerts and festivals both in India and abroad, showcasing his exceptional skills and knowledge of the instrument.

Apart from his performances, Balachandran Kumaraguru is also actively involved in promoting and preserving the traditional art of Miruthangam playing. He conducts workshops and training sessions for aspiring musicians, and has also contributed to the development of new techniques and styles in Miruthangam playing.

Overall, Balachandran Kumaraguru is a highly respected and accomplished musician who continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his mastery of the Miruthangam.