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Product Description

Chunari was born out of a passion to bring Switzerland (my adopted country) closer to India (my home country).
A doctor by training, I am originally from India, I have been a trailing spouse to my banker husband and a stay at home mom to two lovely girls. I have been living in Switzerland for the last 13 years and while being involved with bringing up my children and managing our family, I developed a passion for photography and also Indian textiles and art forms.
I found a dearth and even complete absence of things I missed from back home over here. And what I found was far and few and expensive. Friends clamoured around me asking me to bring back things on my trips to India and always complimented my choice.
Chunari was born out of the passion of introducing the amazing diversity and dexterity of the artisans in India! I have developed an avid interest in our culture and heritage and the amazing workmanship of our crafters alongside this new found passion.
I have developed a keen interest in reading about different types of art forms, textiles, weaves, paintings etc. from different states. The variety, diversity, scope is mind boggling.