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The Benefits Of Indian Dance

The Benefits Of Indian Dance

Bollywood dance is an important part of Bollywood Cinema; whip cream on top of hot chocolate. It is a fusion of world dance styles that is enhanced with the flavor, beauty and grace of the various Indian classical dance forms. A true blend of traditional and modern, these musical interludes say a lot. Past and present come together into one colorful play of thought as music and dance spice up melodramatic moments, adding zest to the masala mix.


There are many different poses and postures in this dance style. These different kinds of body movement, known as karanas, help in improving body balance. As one dances to ethnic tunes, there is simultaneous movements of the limbs, with the eyes following the hands. “Where the hands go,there the glances follow; where the glances go, the mind follows; where the mind goes the mood follows and where the mood is there is rasa or flavor”.
hus with this dance form you improve posture, increase balance and enhance coordination. In Bollywood dance, poetry comes out of hands that have a life of their own. You sharpen your concentration skills as you try to recall the different hand symbols (mudras) along with the karanas. Remembering the different steps, their names and synchronizing them with the song increases mental alertness, making it invigorating and refreshing.


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